About Us

The British Ring is a society for amateur and professional magicians and is part of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM), which is the world's largest organization for magicians boasting nearly 15,000 members worldwide. With over 300 local groups, called Rings, in more than 73 countries, the IBM is considered to be the most respected organization for amateur and professional magicians, magical enthusiasts, and collectors of magical apparatus in the world!

The British Ring keeps in touch with members through a monthly magazine called ‘The Key Ring’, which includes news of interest to members, reviews, advertisements from Magical Dealers, and tricks.

The British Ring was founded in 1928 by Oswald Rae the other founder members being Prof Bofeys, W W Kemp, Nelson Denys, Joe Rendell, C Ducarel and G H Turner, and is the largest Ring of The International Brotherhood of Magicians with around 800 members.