Convention FAQ

  • Can I attend if I am not a professional magician?

Yes. At the Convention your status in magic is never queried. Whether you are a professional, semi-professional, amateur or hobbyist is of no concern. It is our love for the art of magic that is the only thing that matters and it is this that forges the bond between us.

  • Do I have to be a member of the British Ring to attend?

No but it is to your financial advantage to be so. The registration fee is less for members and the difference equates to a year’s subscription.

  • I cannot attend the whole convention. Is it possible for me to register for a single day?

Yes it is. A single day’s registration is obtainable at a reduced cost. A day registration ticket for Saturday does not include a ticket for the Gala show. Tickets for the Gala show can be obtained from the Theatre Box Office when it opens shortly before the Convention.

Why not make this years British Ring convention your first national Convention. You won’t regret it.

What do I gain by attending a national Convention?

Primarily it is a unique opportunity to witness top rate magicians from this country and countries around the world performing. From the lectures or workshops given by masters in the varying facets of magic new ideas will be learnt on how to deceive an audience. Throughout the duration of the Convention the giant trade exhibition with its wide ranging and varied display of ‘the tools of the trade’ is open for your inspection. It is an occasion when the very latest in magic can be inspected.

But perhaps more important is the close contact that is made with the hundreds of magicians who attend. After the conclusion of each day’s scheduled events the magicians return to their hotels or gather at the headquarters hotel for a series of informal magic sessions. Around the lounge tables groups can be seen bringing out packs of cards, sponge balls, rings and rope or anything that can be carried in the pocket and become engrossed in deep and detailed discussion as to how a sleight can be achieved or another way in which a ring tied to a piece of rope can be miraculously released. It is known for these sessions to extend into the early hours of the morning. Sleep it seems is unimportant when magic can be performed or seen.