Year Convention 1st Zena Bennett

Close-up Trophy

2nd 3rd Rovi Trophy
2021 Eastbourne cancelled due to Covid19 pandemic
2020 Greenock cancelled due to Covid19 pandemic
2019 Eastbourne Nikola Arkane Adam Black Marcus Taylor Marcus Taylor
2018 Southport Elliot Bibby Darren Wray Michael Netto Elliot Bibby
2017 Greenock Competition not held due to insufficient entries
2016 Buxton Competition not held due to insufficient entries
2015 Eastbourne Rob James Matthew Garrett Matthew Le Mottee
2014 Bournemouth Competition not held due to insufficient entries
2013 Buxton Steve Faulkner Matthew Le Mottee Craig Petty Dave Forrest
2012 Great Yarmouth Vadim Fay Presto Will Gray Alex Hansford
2011 Southport Matthew Wright Michael Neto Paul Ingram Marcus Taylor
2010 Eastbourne Alex Hansford Will Gray Mel Harvey Alex Hansford
2009 Southport Steve Dela Rob James Kevin Gallagher Kevin Gallagher
2008 Eastbourne John Van der Put Rob James Will Gray Rob James
2007 Southport Steve Dela Alex Moffat Will Gray Steve Dela
2006 Eastbourne Marc Oberon Chris Power Steve Dela Rovi trophy now awarded for skill with cards

Steve Dela

2005 Southport Tim Shoesmith Steve Dela Frank Allen
2004 Eastbourne Mel Harvey Kevin Gallagher Steve Dela
2003 Southport Richard Pinner Mel Harvey Harold Cataquet
2002 Eastbourne Mark Shortland Frederick Shark Rob Mollien
2001 Scarborough Sean Carpenter Martin Cox Steve Gore
2000 Eastbourne Lee Davis Tim Shoesmith Peter Roberts
1999 Llandudno Trevor Stone Peter Roberts Paul Hallas
1998 Eastbourne Jon Allen (The Rovi Award presented by Shaun McCree)

Frank Allen

Leslie Melville
1997 Southport Herman Koster Eddy Smitt Mike Smith
1996 Eastbourne Jay Dee (Jayson George) Stephen Burton Frank Allen
1995 Scarborough David Penn Marc Paul Frank Allen
1994 Eastbourne Alistair Cook Stephen Mulhern Ron Woodward
1993 Southport Dusty Miller Dennis D. Dillenger Melvin Lehair
1992 Eastbourne Steve Bedwell Steve Naylor Paul Ingram
1991 Great Yarmouth Patrick Maddison Paul Ingram Steven Bedwell
1990 Eastbourne David Jones Neil Austin Patrick Maddison
1989 Scarborough Stephen Ford Shaun McCree Maggie Tucker
1988 Brighton Mike Austin Shaun McCree Frank Allen
1987 Harrogate Tony Brooks Frank Allen Dave Rawson
1986 Eastbourne John Hotowka Brett Sherwood Tony Brooks
1985 Southport Kevin Reay Tony Brooks Frank Allen
1984 Eastbourne Eddy Smit Janet Clare Kevin Kay
1983 Llandudno Rex Cooper Chris Power Frank Allen
1982 Hastings Janet Clare Johnny Johnson Rex Cooper
1981 Great Yarmouth Mark Leveridge Johnny Johnson Barry Hicks
1980 Brighton Harry Nicholls Johnny Johnson Bill Shewan
1979 Scarborough Ken Hawes David Wood Paul Scott
1978 Hastings Rex Cooper Ken Hawes No third
1977 Harrogate Wayne Dobson & Peter Duffie Christopher Pratt Not announced
1976 Brighton Bob Gill Michael Florence Bob Swadling
1975 Southport Not held
1974 Hastings Christopher Payne Jean Philippe Fialho David Carre
1973 Harrogate Bob Read Mike Cassidy Bruce Vickers
1972 Margate Kevin Fox ? ?
1971 Llandudno Trevor Lewis Kevin Fox First & second only
1970 Hastings Geoff Ray Ken Hawes
1969 Scarborough Not held
1968 Weymouth Arthur Setterington Fred Castle
1967 Southport Larry Spencer Terry Herbert
1966 Hastings Norman Pearce Arthur Setterington
1965 Llandudno Jack Lowen John Gilliland
1964 Eastbourne Ted Daniels ?
1963 Southport Claude Manley ?
1962 Brighton Ali Bongo Frank Valentine
1961 Harrogate Bob Ostin ?
1960 Hastings Arthur Setterington ?
1959 Buxton Howard Peters Harold G. Beaumont
1958 Eastbourne Fred Lowe ? First micro-magic or close-up competition held this year
Year Convention British Ring Shield 2nd prize

Theo Speaker Cup

3rd prize


Alistair Wand

Dittia Shield for Manipulation Conventioneers Trophy for Originality Tom Harris cup for Comedy Mystic Craig Ladies Trophy (now discontinued)
2021 Eastbourne Cancelled due to Covid19 pandemic
2020 Greenock Cancelled due to Covid19 pandemic
2019 Eastbourne Hamish  (Fraser Stokes) Jay Gatling Philip Partridge Hamish (Fraser Stokes) Not awarded Not awarded
2018 Southport Megan Swann Fraser Stokes Neil Roberts Fraser Stokes Megan Swann Not awarded
2017 Greenock Jack Dent Adam Black Sensational Stokes

(Fraser Stokes)

Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
2016 Buxton Not held due to insufficient entries
2015 Eastbourne Not held due to insufficient entries Mel Harvey

(awarded in the close-up competition)

2014 Bournemouth Edward Hilsum Dave Andrews Matthew Blackwell Dave Andrews Not awarded Matthew Blackwell
2013 Buxton Oliver Tabor Ed Hilsum Atmosfear Oliver Tabor Oliver Tabor Not awarded
2012 Great Yarmouth Not awarded Sean Alexander Dave Andrews Dave Andrews Not awarded Not awarded
2011 Southport Ta na Magna with Inspirato Elemental

(Jay Gatling & Amelia)


(Mandy Fletcher & friends)


(Jay Gatling & Amelia)

Tim Shoesmith Not awarded
2010 Eastbourne Romany Ed Hilsum Oliver Tabor Not awarded Not awarded Dave & Carl (Dave Allen & Carl Charlesworth)
2009 Southport Tai-Hsiang Chou Dave Andrews The Amazing Norville & Josephine Tai-Hsiang Chou Not awarded Not awarded
2008 Eastbourne Jonathan Shotton Rev-Illusion Joe Ray Joe Ray Johnathan Shotton Not awarded
2007 Southport High Jinx Club Magic



Alan Maskell Club Magic

(Andrew Melia)

Alan Maskell Not awarded Ladies Trophy discontinued 2007
2006 Eastbourne Paul Dabek Joe Ray Graham Lee Joe Ray Graham Lee Paul Ray Not awarded
2005 Southport Roy Davenport Jason Steele & Joanne Julie Michelle Carpenter Roy Davenport Julie Michelle Carpenter Dave Allen Julie Michelle Carpenter
2004 Eastbourne Safire Illusionists Viva Mark Shortland Kohei Kobayashi Viva Mark Shortland Not awarded
2003 Southport Richard Pinner Shane

(Shane Morrison)

Viva Shane

(Shane Morrison)

Viva Not awarded Not awarded
2002 Eastbourne The Great Nardini Loki Martin Cox James Parker Loki The Great Nardini Not awarded
2001 Scarborough Mark Shortland Hezi Dean James Smith James Smith Not awarded Mark Shortland Not awarded
2000 Eastbourne Leo Ward James Parker Philip Partridge James Parker Not awarded Denis Goodwin Michele
1999 Llandudno Mark Taylor Nick Rushton Mark Shortland Mark Taylor Not awarded Mark Shortland Dallas
1998 Eastbourne Alfonso Rios Mark Taylor Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

(Bertie Pierce)

Mark Taylor Bertie Pierce Mark Shortland Not awarded
1997 Southport Not awarded John Archer John Holmes Not awarded Mystique


John Archer Mystique


1996 Eastbourne Guy Barrett Christian (Glenwright) Dominic Wood Dominic Wood Sylvia Barclay-Davenport (Bertie Pierce) Michael Pearse Champagne

(Rosy Gibb)

1995 Scarborough Marie Claude Chantelle  & Co (Stuart & Jayne Loughland) Roy Davenport Archini & Smith (John Archer & Mike Smith) Scott Penrose Marie Claude Chantelle  & Co

(Stuart & Jayne Loughland)

Marie Claude Chantelle  & Co

(Stuart & Jayne Loughland)

Not awarded
1994 Eastbourne Tricky Business Len Blease Christian (Glenwright) Not awarded Viva

(Jonathan Stringer)

Len Blease Shirley Ray
1993 Southport Shield not awarded

1st The Amnesia Magic Company

Andrew Hughes Robbo & Crow Andrew Hughes Ron Gilbert The Amnesia Magic Company Not awarded
1992 Eastbourne Philippe Tricky Business

(Mike Mirren & Partner)

Roy Davenport Phillippe Tricky Business

(Mike Mirren & Partner)

Harry & Henry Frump (Richard McDougall & Nina Nawalowalo Not awarded
1991 Great Yarmouth Jimmy Carlo & Crystal Pat & Allie Michelle & Co. Not awarded Jimmy Carlo & Crystal Jimmy Carlo & Crystal Michelle & Co.
1990 Eastbourne Richard Griffin Naffo the Fabulous (Walt Lees) Aquarius Richard Griffin Naffo the Fabulous

(Walt Lees)

Naffo the Fabulous

(Walt Lees)

Su Jayne (Beattie)
1989 Scarborough Alex Taylor Danielle Neil Roberts Stephen Ford Alex Taylor King Tut An’ Khamun

(Mel Newsome & Jill Parkinson)

1988 Brighton Not awarded Neil Roberts Roy Davenport Stephen Ford Not awarded Lynn Thomas Not awarded
1987 Harrogate Mystina

(Tina Powell)

Shaun McCree Neil Roberts Shaun McCree Richard McDougall & Carla Candiotto Mike O’Brien Mystina

(Tina Powell)

1986 Eastbourne Al Glennan Julian Russell & Debbie Brett Sherwood & Lesley-Ann Al Glennan Peter Josto & Anita Paul Ray Michele
1985 Southport Shahid Malik Mystina

(Tina Powell)

Al Glennan Al Glennan Kay Krystal Not awarded Mystina (Tina Powell)
1984 Eastbourne Richard Kyall & Joanna Hopoon & Popoff (Johnny & Clare Maire) Neil Roberts Neil Roberts David Tomkins Not awarded Not awarded
1983 Llandudno Marc & Jayne Kassim

(Paul Spencer)

Neil Roberts Not awarded Not awarded Harry Dewhirst Not awarded
1982 Hastings Not awarded Yvonne Mystique Armandi Dean Metcalf Neil Roberts Len Blease Yvonne Mystique
1981 Great Yarmouth Crisco Shaun McCree Brian Miller & Audrey Shaun McCree ? Crisco Not awarded
1980 Brighton Josephine Terry Herbert Paul Anthony & Trina Josephine Mark Haslam The Great Burke (Terry Herbert) Josephine
1979 Scarborough Not awarded Kassim

(Paul Spencer)

David Charles Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded Not awarded
1978 Hastings Brian Sefton Doug Alker Les Bocardos Brian Sefton Doug Alker Doug Alker Not awarded
1977 Harrogate Martin Scott-Price Doug Alker Anthony Crabbe Fred Van Thom Paul Stone Paul Stone Not awarded
1976 Brighton Sam & Joy Mallinson Scott Christian & Family Bernard Juby & Yvonne John Thompson Bernard Juby & Yvonne Paul Stone Julie Illusion
1975 Southport Brian Miller & Audrey Sam & Joy Mallinson Matheson Taylor Matheson Taylor Stefanos Peter Westlake Joan Woolhouse
1974 Hastings Hardy Werner Geoff Ray & Pat The Roberts Brothers Hardy Werner Dennis Gardener Peter Westlake The Magical Merlina
1973 Harrogate The Waldos Hardy Werner Jack Meredith Hardy Werner The Waldos Harry Dewhirst Not awarded
1972 Margate Otto Wessely Roger John & Cynthia Guy Higgins & Dorothy Not awarded Guy Higgins & Dorothy Bob Eaton June Thomas
1971 Llandudno Malcolm Nunn Granville Anstee & June Yvonne Authors Malcolm Nunn Granville Anstee & June Not awarded Yvonne Authors
1970 Hastings Geoff Ray & Pat The Roberts Brothers Peter Scarlett Geoff Ray & Pat Guy Higgins & Dorothy Damar Not awarded
1969 Scarborough Tony Shelley & Elizabeth Ralph Hall & Mollie Doug & Sue Gregg

(Alistair Oliphant presents the Alistair Wand trophies)

Malcolm Nunn Isaac Fawkes

(Bobby Bernard)

Scotty Thompson Annabelle
1968 Weymouth Christian Geoff Ray & Pat Tony Shelley & Elizabeth Christian Arthur Setterington Scotty Thompson Valerie (Swadling)
1967 Southport Drew Masters & Tess Anne-Marie (Margret Edwards) ? Geoff Ray & Pat Ted Carter Scotty Thompson Anne-Marie (Margret Edwards)
1966 Hastings Morine

(Mo Vickers)

Victor Fiveash Johnny Mac & Shelia John Alborough ? Michael Scott Morine

(Mo Vickers)

1965 Llandudno Phil Haigh Matheson Taylor Peter Nichol & Helen David Anton ? ? Not awarded
1964 Eastbourne Ali Bongo Geoff Ray & Pat Sam & Joy Mallinson Geoff Ray & Pat Sam & Joy Mallinson Ali Bongo Christine
1963 Southport Gordon Watts & Shirley Dell Johnson Christine Peter Riley Geoff Ray Arthur Pollard Dell Johnson
1962 Brighton Robert Swadling & Partner Ali Bongo Dennis Patten Robert Swadling & Partner Tommy Talbot Ali Bongo Not awarded
1961 Harrogate Robert Sinclair Willane John J. Martin Robert Sinclair Willane Kal Ellis Not awarded
1960 Hastings Larry Spencer Robert Swadling Peter Scarlett Robert Swadling Norman Stone Sly Smith Helen Strachan
1959 Buxton Ralph Hall & Mollie Henry Francis Terry Vincent Hedley Fawcett Harold G. Beaumont Tom Fearon Shirley Ann
1958 Eastbourne Marjorie Waddell Michael Seacombe Claude Perry David Haggarty Michael Seacombe Tony Hemmings Marjorie Waddell
1957 Scarborough

Dittia Shield & Tom Harris Cup first awarded

Ron MacMillan Ralph Hall & Molly David de Twistah Ron MacMillan Harold G. Beaumont Kal Ellis Joy
1956 Brighton Geoff Gregson & Doreen Yvonne Louis Histed Louis Histed Yvonne
1955 Southport Devolyn & Irene Claude Perry John Hayward Louis Histed Marjorie Waddell
1954 Brighton Derrick Speight Ram Das & Kim

(Bill Herring & son)

Michael Bailey F.R.Gregson Helen Strachen
1953 Edinburgh Elizabeth Warlock Tommy Rowe & Phyll Freddie Carter Raymond Mae Howie (Zaena)
1952 Hastings Peter Warlock Savola John Salisse & Betty F.J.Cleaver Marjorie Fletcher
1951 Bournemouth Frank Boynett Bert Dexter Diablo Frank Richmond
1950 Harrogate Louis Martelle Harold Beaumont Tommy Rowe & Phyl ?
1949 Southport Billy McComb & June The Voltairs Diablo ?
1948 Bournemouth Geoffrey Robinson ? ? ?
1947 Buxton George Smallwood ? ? ?
1946 Hereford Stanley Thomas E. Jones Geoffrey Robinson H. Poole
1940-45 No conventions held during World War Two
1939 Southport Sydney Smith
1938 Malvern

First competition

John Ramsey
Micro Magic Competition Winner
2019 Nikola Arkane
2018 Bernard Jones
2017 Bharat Patel
2016 Bharat Patel
2015 Bernard Jones
2014 Bernard Jones
2013 Bharat Patel
2012 Fay Presto
2011 Bharat Patel
2010 Bharat Patel
2009 Fay Presto
2008 Toon Van Der Vest
Year Dealers Trophy - in 1954 Mystic Craig presented the Craig Cup for most attractive dealers stand
2020 Convention cancelled due to Covid19 pandemic
2019 Brian Berry
2018 Dark Arts Leathercraft
2017 Devine Gifts
2016 Made to Measure Magic (Dave Baxter)
2015 Peter Diamond
2014 Prop Dog Ltd
2013 Practical Magic
2012 Alan & Barbara Astra
2011 Practical Magic
2010 Razamataz Magic
2009 Practical Magic
2008 Practical Magic
2007 Colin Rose
2006 Colin Rose
2005 Practical Magic
2004 Swadling Magic
2003 Practical Magic
2002 Alan & Barbara Astra
2001 Practical Magic
2000 Castle Magic Services
1999 Practical Magic
1998 M.J.R. Balloons
1997 Swadling Magic
1996 Swadling magic
1995 Progetta Magica
1994 Tony Curtis Magic
1993 Mark Leveridge
1992 Magic Hands
1991 Magic Hands
1990 Castle Magic
1989 Repro Magic
1988 Supreme Magic Company
1987 Stephen Tucker
1986 Magic Hands
1985 Magic Hands
1984 Magic Hands
1983 International Magic Studio
1982 Repro 71
1981 Paul Scott Magic
1980 Supreme Magic Company
1979 Peter Diamond
1978 Props (Ian Ogilvy)
1977 Peter Diamond
1976 Peter Diamond
1975 Peter Diamond
1974 Supreme Magic Company
1973 Luna Magic
1972 Supreme Magic Company
1971 Supreme Magic Company
1970 Ken Brooke’s Magic Place
1969 Diamond Enterprises
1968 Inzani Henley Magic Co. Ltd.
1967 Ken Brooke
1966 Supreme Magic Company
1965 Supreme Magic Company
1964 Cliff Lount
1963 Supreme Magic Company
1962 L. Davenport & Co
1961 Supreme Magic Company
1960 Tony Corinda
1959 Chavel’s Magic
1958 Supreme Magic Company
1957 Gil Leaney
1956 Max Andrews
1955 L. Davenport & Co
1954 Mystic Craig presents the Craig Cup for most attractive dealers stand. The first winners are L. Davenport & Co.


The Jeffrey Atkins Memorial Lecture inaugurated Eastbourne 2002
2021 Eastbourne
2020 Convention not held due to Covid19 pandemic
2019 Eastbourne Scott Penrose – “Owls and Oranges”
2018 Southport Anthony Owen – “Anthony Owen’s Secrets”
2017 Greenock Professor Richard Wiseman – “Why Magic Matters”
2016 Buxton Quentin Reynolds – “Professional Magic”
2015 Eastbourne Dr Will Houstoun – “Modern Magic”
2014 Bournemouth Paul Stone – “It Started with a Dream”
2013 Buxton Fergus Roy – “The Davenport Story”
2012 Great Yarmouth Chris Woodward – “The London Palladium Story”
2011 Southport Michael Finney – “Sharing Secrets from my Life in Magic”
2010 Eastbourne Derek Lever – “The Jack Hughes World of Magic”
2009 Southport John Styles M.B.E. – “From Pubs to Palaces”
2008 Eastbourne Geoffrey Durham – “Finding the Magic Ingredient”
2007 Southport Johnny Thompson
2006 Eastbourne John Calvert – “The John Calvert Show and Lecture”
2005 Southport Alan Shaxon – “Magicians of my Time”
2004 Eastbourne Gay Blackstone – “Blackstone - An American Magical Heritage”
2003 Southport Michael Bailey – “Confessions of a Corporate Magician”
2002 Eastbourne John Fisher – “Lives of Illusion”