We are now planning for our Eastbourne 2022 convention 1st-4th September 2022 ,  - the details will appear in the Key Ring and in the convention section of the main site - we hope to see as many of you as possible there.  Advance bookings can be taken - -   email Carol on

Summary Minute for November 2021

Marketing – The sub-committee has now met and have discussed many options of ways to promote the British Ring.  These will be moved forward in due course.

Finances – We are currently in a reasonable position with our finances.  Our Treasurer has been working hard to consolidate our bank accounts to make the workings of the finances easier to manage.  We are delighted to say that we have received two very generous donations and these will be used to help fund our convention in September 2022 to hopefully make it a fantastic return.

Rule Amendments – These were at the AGM in September.

Job Descriptions – Still being finalised

Assistant Positions – It is considered appropriate for roles to be established for assistants, as this would provide an understudy if required, ensure progression with continuity and enable a sharing of workload.  These will be identified at a future meeting.

Ring Events – Ongoing discussions

Moira Fletcher
Honorary Executive Secretary













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