Rules and Constitution

Constitution and Rules of The British Ring No 25 The International Brotherhood of Magicians

Approved 25th September 2015, and amended September 2018


The Society is affiliated to the International Brotherhood of Magicians and is known as "The British Ring No. 25 "(hereafter called "the Ring").


The Ring has a recognised emblem. The background of this emblem represents the world. The figure is Mercury, the messenger of the ancient gods and a magician. He carries a wand in his left hand. At the bottom, the letters I.B.M. are joined to indicate UNITY and CO-OPERATION. The oak leaf denotes strength while the two acorns represent the Eastern and Western hemispheres. The hands are clasped to signify the FELLOWSHIP and BROTHERHOOD in MAGIC throughout the universe. All Members whilst members shall be permitted to use the emblem on stationery or in any other personal advertising media and to use the name "International Brotherhood of Magicians" or the initials "I.B.M.". They may also wear the authorised badge.


The Objects of the Ring are:

To organise and associate together individuals interested in the theory, practice, promotion and advancement of the art of conjuring /magic.

To encourage and assist every effort, both individual and collective, which may tend to foster, elevate and advance the art of magic in the fields of amusement, entertainment and culture.

To facilitate social intercourse, exchange of views and co-operation between those interested in magic.

To promote harmony among those interested in magic.

To enforce a Code of Ethics (a copy of which is appended).

To publish a magazine called "The Key Ring" as the official organ of the Ring.

To promote and maintain a Benevolent and Welfare Fund.

To hold an Annual Convention and a Presidential Dinner to foster the creation of lasting friendships among Members.

To arrange at the Annual Convention competitions for the major awards of the Ring.


The Ring shall consist of an unlimited number of persons of sixteen years of age or over, whether amateur, semi-professional or professional ("Members"). A person who is 12 years of age may become a Junior Member but in attending any Ring event must be accompanied by his or her parent or guardian who must supply satisfactory evidence of this relationship. With the exception of Rule 5 (Organisation and Management) these Rules shall apply to Junior Members and the term 'Member' is deemed to include 'Junior Member'.


An application for admission as a Member shall be in the prescribed form and the signature of the applicant shall be a pledge to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Ring and not to violate the Code of Ethics.

The Executive Secretary shall cause the names of prospective candidates to be published in "The Key Ring" at least one month before election by the Management Committee.

The Management Committee shall have the power to reject any application. An appeal may be made to the Council within one month of such rejection and on a ballot two dissenting votes shall disqualify.

If within the period of twelve months of election the Management Committee becomes aware that the conduct of the new Member prior to being elected has been such as is likely to cause dissension among Members it shall have the power to refuse renewal of the Member's subscription and membership shall cease. The same right of appeal lies as in (d) above.

Every application for admission as a Member shall be accompanied by the amount of the entrance fee and one year's subscription which shall be refunded in full in the event of a candidate not being elected.

Every Member shall be affiliated to the International Brotherhood of Magicians (the parent body) either as:
(i)A Full Member or (
ii) an International Auxiliary Member

Honorary Members
The Council may at its discretion present a Certificate of Hon. Life Membership in recognition of service of special merit to the Ring.

Any Member desiring to resign must forward a written resignation to the Executive Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the end of the financial year. Failing such notice a Member shall be liable for the full subscription for the ensuing year.

If the Management Committee considers the conduct of a Member is a breach of the Code of Ethics or prejudicial to the interests of the Ring or receives a written and properly identified complaint to the same effect then it shall forthwith inform the Ethics and Grievances Committee and may refer the matter to the Committee for investigation. The Ethics and Grievances Committee shall in the course of its investigation have power to consider such written,audio or video material as may be available and to receive both written and, if practical, oral representations from such persons and sources as it may in its absolute discretion think fit. Following completion of the investigation the Ethics and Grievances Committee shall report its findings to the Management Committee. The report may include a separate statement of any dissenting member if that Member so desires. It is for the Management Committee to determine what action, if any, be taken against the Member in accordance with the Rules. It may request such Member to resign within fourteen days. If the Member does not comply with such request he shall automatically cease to be a Member. The Member may appeal in writing to the Executive Secretary within such period of fourteen days for a decision of the Council where the decision to expel must be carried by a 75 % majority. A summary of the findings of the Ethics and Grievances Committee together with a statement of the action subsequently taken may be published in "The Key Ring" for the information of the membership.

Effect of Cessation of Membership
Any person ceasing to be a Member whether by resignation, default or expulsion shall not be entitled thereafter to display any emblem of the Ring, wear the Ring's badge or claim in any way to be a Member of the Ring.


The general policy of the Ring shall be vested in the Members whilst the administration and conduct of its affairs on a day to day basis shall vest in the Management Committee reporting to the Council which will decide matters of policy in accordance with these Rules.

Management Committee
The following Members acting together or individually as the circumstances demand and being responsible to the Council comprise this Committee: the President, the Executive Secretary, the Assistant Executive Secretary, the Treasurer and the Welfare Officer. These Members appointed by the Council must be of at least three years standing in the Society and (apart from the President) shall hold office until death, resignation, legal disability, removal or misuse abuse or gross neglect of office or conduct prejudicial to the Ring, or if an election is demanded by a petition signed by at least twenty five Members.

The Council
The Council shall comprise the ten Members elected at the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the provisions of sub-rule 4 of this Rule together with the Management Committee, President Elect, Immediate Past President and the Officers named in Rule 5 sub-rule 5 (f). Any of the above may under¬ take more than one of the listed roles but will have only one vote.


A Returning Officer shall be appointed at each Annual General Meeting to conduct the ballot for the next Annual General Meeting.

At least two months prior to the date fixed for the Annual Convention, if held, otherwise the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting, a ballot paper containing the names of the Members for election to the Council shall be forwarded to every Member.

All completed voting papers shall be sent to the Returning Officer by the date specified and all papers received afterwards shall be disqualified.

In the case of Members nominated to serve on the Council the ten candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared by the Chair to be duly elected.

In the event of equality of votes the Chair shall have the casting vote.

The Chair shall be the President or if absent the Immediate Past President or if absent the President Elect.

Co-Option and Appointments

The Council shall have power to co-opt not more than three Members for special purposes with full voting powers on all matters.

The Executive Secretary may appoint a Member or sometimes more than one member acting jointly (to be approved by a majority of the Council) to be Convention Organiser for that year. The Member(s) so appointed will be responsible for all the organisation of the Convention reporting regularly to the Executive Secretary and the Treasurer.

The Council shall have power to appoint Sub-Committees for special purposes.

The Council shall appoint three Members to be a Finance Committee supporting the Treasurer.

The Council shall appoint an Ethics and Grievances Committee comprising a Chair, the Hon. Solicitor and two other Members.

The Council shall appoint the following Officers to serve the Ring : The Hon. Solicitor who shall be entered on the Roll of Solicitors The Chaplain The Welfare Officer The Editor of "The Key Ring" who shall carry out editorial duties unfettered by others and edit all material for publication rejecting all libellous or doubtful material The Advertising Manager The Ring Webmaster The Public Relations Officer who shall be a person experienced in the newspaper and media fields The Convention Organiser (see (b) above). Whenever appropriate more than one member may serve in any of the above positions.

Appointments to serve on Sub-Committees or as any of the above Officers shall be ratified at the next Annual General Meeting following such appointments but thereafter the Members will continue in office (unless appointed for a specific task then completed) until death, resignation, legal disability, removal for misuse abuse or gross neglect of the duties of office, or conduct prejudicial to the Ring, or if an election is demanded by a petition signed by at least twenty five Members.

The Ring shall indemnify, by meeting legal expenses necessarily incurred,Council Members, Management Committee Members and Officers from and against all claims and liabilities to which each such person shall become subject whilst acting on behalf of the Ring except where any claim or liability arises out of that person's negligence or wilful conduct.

President Elect
The President Elect, who shall be a Member of not less than five years standing,shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. The appointment to President shall be ratified at the next succeeding Annual General Meeting. In the event of more than one nomination being received, the Council shall decide who in its opinion it considers to be the most fitted for the appointment and its recommendation shall be placed before the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

The number of Vice-Presidents to be appointed to the Ring shall be at the discretion of the Council.

Terms of Office
The President shall hold office until the last day of the Annual Convention when the installation of the next President takes place. If during the presidential year the President dies or is forced to resign through ill-health the President- Elect will be invited to take over the presidential duties until the Annual General Meeting. If this is not possible and in the case where a President -Elect dies or resigns immediately before taking the office of President the Executive Secretary on consulting as many Council members as possible shall invite a former President to accept office. Elected members of Council shall take office at the close of the Annual General Meeting. Members of the Management Committee, Sub-Committee members and Officers shall hold office until replaced as stated in Rule 5 sub-rule 2 and Rule 5 sub-rule 5 (g). If during war-time or a period of declared national emergency it would in the opinion of the Management Committee be inadvisable to convene the Annual General Meeting in the month of September then the existing Officers and Council shall continue in office until conditions permit the holding of a General Meeting.

Ratification and Decisions of the Council

The Council will hold a meeting at a venue named by the Executive Secretary between the AGM and the year end.

A meeting of the Council will also be held in the following year between January and the AGM at a venue to be named by the Executive Secretary. If the proposed date for a meeting proves to be inconvenient for some Council members then the Management Committee, taking into account the agenda items to be discussed, will decide whether the meeting takes place as planned or an alternative date is named.

The Executive Secretary or the Assistant Executive Secretary shall as and when required seek the ratification of the Council of matters affecting policy beyond day to day administration. Such communications shall be by E-mail and each Council Member is asked to reply within 10 days and copy in the other Council Members. Decisions are by simple majority.

If two or more Council Members require a fuller discussion then a timetable may be agreed for completion of the communications before a decision is taken.

The President, President Elect, the Immediate Past President, the Treasurer and Welfare Officer are to be kept informed.

In cases of complexity or exceptional importance the Executive Secretary may call a special Council meeting to discuss and resolve the matters. Those asked to attend will be the same as sub-para (a) above.

Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting shall be held during the Annual Convention, or failing the arranging of such Convention, during the month of September for the purpose of inter alia transacting the following business:

To receive apologies for absence

To approve the Minutes of the previous A.G.M.

To receive a Statement by the President

To receive the report of the Executive. Secretary and Management Committee

To receive the Accounts of the Society and the Treasurer's report

To receive the reports of the Welfare Officer and the Benevolent Fund Committee

To approve the Council's recommendation for President Elect

To confirm the election of the incoming President

To declare the result of the election of Council members

To ratify any appointments of Officers or Sub-Committee members made during the previous year

To declare(if any ) the result of any elections forced by a Members' Petition made under Rule 5 sub-rule 2 or sub-rule 5 (g)

To elect a Returning Officer for the forthcoming year

To announce the proposed venue for the next Annual Convention

To approve the appointment of an Official Auditor for the forthcoming year

To resolve any Resolutions delivered to the Hon Secretary under Rule 5 sub-Rule 11

To consider any other business with Members given the opportunity to make brief comments to the Meeting The Executive Secretary shall give at least twenty-one days notice to all Members of the date, time and place of the Annual General Meeting and the business to be transacted. Only Members shall be permitted to attend. Twenty- five Members shall form a quorum.

Resolutions and Nominations
Resolutions for the Annual General Meeting and nominations for the President- Elect, for posts to be filled after a Members' Petition, and for Council members shall be in the hands of the Executive Secretary at least two months prior to the date fixed for the Annual General Meeting. All nominations must be proposed and seconded except that serving Council Members who inform the Executive Secretary at least two months prior to the Annual General Meeting of their desire to stand shall be deemed nominated. Nominations for President-Elect must be proposed and seconded by Members of not less than three years standing accompanied by the written consent of the nominee.

Method of Voting
Voting shall be by a show of hands except in the case of a ballot which can be made by proxy.

Special General Meeting

The Management Committee may call a Special General Meeting at any time.

On receipt of a written request signed by at least twenty five Members, the Executive Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting specifying the nature of the business to be discussed and the resolutions (if any) to be considered.

Notice of any Special General Meeting shall be given to every Member at least twenty-one days before the date of the meeting.

Fifteen Members shall form a quorum.


Financial Year
The financial year shall be from 1st April to the 31st March of the following year

Entrance Fee
The entrance fee shall be the amount stipulated by the Council which shall include a lapel badge and Membership Card.

Annual Subscriptions

The annual subscriptions shall be determined by the Council being one rate for British Ring membership alone and the other for those Members who are also members of the Parent Body (

All subscriptions shall be payable in advance on the 1st April in each year

A Member elected on or after 1st October in each year shall have one half of the subscription credited to the next financial year.

A replacement Membership Card will be issued each year on payment of the annual subscription.

Remitted Subscriptions
The Executive Secretary and the Treasurer shall be exempt from payment of subscriptions and the Council may at its discretion remit payment of a Member's subscription or part thereof for such time as it may think fit.

Subscriptions in Arrears
Any Member whose subscription is two months in arrears shall automatically cease to be a Member and shall not be entitled to the privileges of membership. However they will be eligible for re-instatement on payment of an amount equivalent to the current application fee plus the outstanding subscription. Any Member who is three months in arrears with the I.B.M. membership but not in arrears with the British Ring subscription shall be deemed to have ceased to be a full Member of the I.B.M. but shall be transferred to Auxiliary Membership and on renewal of the British Ring subscription outstanding dues in respect of Auxiliary Membership must be paid. Any application for re-instatement of Full Membership must be accompanied by payment of any dues outstanding.

The auditor appointed at the Annual General Meeting shall examine and report on the accounts of the Society.


A dispute between Members over a matter concerning magic or appertaining thereto shall on the written request of the members concerned be referred to Arbitration by the Management Committee. A preliminary meeting of the parties shall first be held for the purposes of nominating the Arbitrator(s) and dealing with the method of procedure, time for presentation of any necessary documents and the discussion of matters generally to enable the dispute to be brought to a hearing and decision. The findings of the Arbitrator shall after notification to the parties be published in "The Key Ring".


The Ring encourages Members to meet together in Regional Groups

To further the Objects of the Ring as set out in Rule 3 (i)(ii)(iii)(iv) and (v)

To persuade magicians in the particular Region to become Ring Members

To make known to the public the international status of the International Brotherhood of Magicians

Only Ring Members may belong to a Regional Group

A Regional Group once formed must notify the Executive Secretary of its creation.

Each Group is to be known as I.B.M. Ring No. 25 followed by a suitable Regional Group description

Each Group is to make its own decisions as to the regularity of meetings, the venue for meetings and in all respects to be self administered

Regional Groups are encouraged to send reports of their meetings to the Editor of "The Key Ring" to be published therein


New Rules and alterations to existing Rules may only be made at an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting except that the Council is empowered to amend the amount of the entrance fee and annual subscription at any time as it thinks fit and to publish this decision in "The Key Ring" at least two months before the commencement of the subscription year. Any proposed alteration and/or addition to the Rules shall be published in "The Key Ring" at least one month prior to the date fixed for the meeting.


These Rules shall become operative on their adoption by the Ring and such adoption shall cancel all previous Rules and amendments to those Rules. These Rules are published and available in the Members' restricted area of the Ring's website in lieu of issuing printed copies but any Member not having access to the website may request a printed copy from the Executive Secretary free of charge. The Management Committee shall have power to decide any matter not specifically provided for in these Rules and to give decisions as to the interpretation of any Rule (with the assistance of the Hon. Solicitor if called upon ) should the occasion arise.



Each Member AGREES :

To oppose the wilful exposure to the public of any principles of the art of magic or the methods employed in any effect or illusion.

To display ethical behaviour and conduct in the presentation of magic to the public including non-interference with or jeopardising the performance of another magician either through personal intervention or the unauthorised use of another's creation.

To recognise and respect the rights of the creators, inventors, authors and owners of magic concepts, presentations, effects and literature and their rights to grant permission to others

To discourage false or misleading statements in the advertisement of effects or merchandise, in literature and actions pertaining to the magical arts

To discourage advertisements of any magical apparatus, effect, literature or other materials for which the advertiser does not have commercial rights.

To avoid when giving a magical performance for children or using a child as an assistant any verbal or physical behaviour which would cause or be likely to give cause for complaint

To promote the humane treatment and care of livestock used in magical performances.