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The International Brotherhood of Magicians Application for Membership

Candidates for membership of British Ring No 25, of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, (the Ring) must have had a sincere interest in the art of magic for at least two years prior to application. Members must agree to abide by the Constitution and Byelaws of the Ring and promise to never violate any part of the following 'Code of Ethics.'

DECLARATION: I hereby apply to become a member of the IBM British Ring No 25, and if accepted AGREE:

  1. To oppose the wilful exposure to the public of any principles of the Art of Magic or the methods employed in any magic effect or illusion
  2. To display ethical behaviour and conduct as magicians in the presentation of magic to the public including non-interference with or jeopardising the performance of another magician either through personal intervention or the unauthorised use of another's creation.
  3. To recognise and respect the rights of the creators, inventors, authors and owners of magical concepts, presentations, effects and literature and their right to have exclusive use of such creations and the rights to grant permission to others.
  4. To discourage false or misleading statements in the advertisement of effects or merchandise in literature and actions pertaining to the magical arts.
  5. To discourage magical advertisements of any magical apparatus, effect, literature or other materials for which the advertiser does not have commercial rights.
  6. To avoid when giving a magical performance for children or using a child as an assistance, any verbal or physical behaviour which would give cause or be likely to give cause for complaint
  7. To promote the humane treatment and care of livestock used in magical performances.

By submitting this form, I confirm that I have read the above declaration and, if accepted as a member, agree to abide by the code of ethics of the British Ring of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION is £45.00 which is due 1st April each year.
On submission of this form, you will be taken to a page outlining your payment options.
The Management Committee reserves the right to reject an application for membership and does not undertake to advance reasons for rejection. In this event the amount paid for the dues will be refunded.

We encourage new members of the British Ring to become full members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Full members receive the Linking Ring magazine monthly in addition to The Keyring which is also sent monthly to all members of the British Ring. An additional subscription is required for this.

A list of all current members and their contact details are published within the password protected members’ area of the British Ring website. Please tick the box (or boxes) to indicate which details you give permission to be included in the Members’ List.