Convention Countdown



We have lectures to suit every taste, but arranged so you don’t have to miss a single one.  Take a look at our Artistes page to see the array of talent we have lined up for you


We have the Annual Stage Competition – for the winner of the British Ring Shield an additional prize is an appearance in the West End of London.  On a smaller scale, we have the Close up competition with a cash prize.  And we host the annual Ali Bongo Micro Magic Marathon – a close up competition in real world conditions.  We’d love to see you – as a competitor or in our audience – join us to be part of the fun!



From the international stars of the magic gala on the Saturday to the stars of international close up and the best of children’s magic, our shows are sure to please.  AND a full registration gets you access to nearly all of them (the Childrens show is a small extra charge)